Primary Care in Midwifery

A Certified Nurse-Midwife’s Role in Primary Care

c0dce58dEvery day, more and more woman are choosing to see alternative care. In the past, physicians authority has not been questioned; their opinion was the only consideration. This is changing. Now, woman are seeking a more personalized experience, they are becoming more autonomous in their healthcare. Having a provider who is not only well trained, but also respects a woman’s control over her own healthcare, is more important than ever. When a woman believes she has a yeast infection, she may want someone to tell her exactly how it should be trerated, but she may also want someone who is able to discuss all treatment options, including natural remedies.

As certified nurse-midwives in the United States, we receive advanced training in assessing, diagnosing, and treating primary care concerns. With this training, we are then able to offer the women we serve a safe alternative to a primary care physician. We are able to help support the woman’s chosen lifestyle as she makes the decision that is best for her unique situation. Respecting her wishes for her care are of utmost importance.

Another consideration is safety. There is a reason that a woman feels that she needs to seek a professional opinion. We have advanced nursing practice degrees and have completed rigorous clinical requirements. We are qualified to give safe, sound medical advise. When doing so, we do expect our clients to ask questions, but we can also be trusted to give the best medical advise possible. In cases that are beyond our legally regulated scope of practice, or even our personal comfort zone, we will (just as any medical provider) recommend that you seek care with a specialty provider. This is why online midwifery care works in primary and urgent care situations. If you have a cold, you may want Tamiflu, but you may want elderberry tea. offers personalized, flexible, dependable healthcare on your schedule. Make an appointment today!

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