Crazy times…


(Español aqui)

Well, it has been kind of crazy here. Several births, a new midwife partner, starting the Midwifery Association of Yucatan, chickens! So many exciting changes. Among them all, we are planning on holding the first “Respected Birth” Conference in October, proceeds going towards building our birth center!

I am super excited about it. We are fundraising for our conference/expo to put the down payment, so that we can hold the date and start selling some booths and tables. We are hoping to have a wide range of participants, and anticipate a large crown (over 5,000 people). We are going to be having it the second or third weekend in October from 10:00AM -10:00PM Saturday and Sunday. I am super excited to start fund raising for this event and the birth center, all in the hopes of making natural birth more accessible to women everywhere.

If you would like to donate to the efforts, you have several options. You can use a car or paypal here or if you would like to deposit at Oxxo, please WhatsApp (9999.91.23.16) me, and I will send you the account number. You can also donate via GoFundMe. You can also donate in person at my Merida location. We also are always accepting baby and birth supplies for our birth scholarship mama’s. The majority of these moms are under 18 or single mothers with limited resources.

Please share with as many people as you want to and don’t forget to make a donation today!


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