About Our Practice

About Our Practice

How did we get started?

After our founder, Sara, had her 4th child, she went to the urgent care closest to her home to be treated for a urinary tract infection after normal business hours. She was prescribed an antibiotic and asked if this was a safe medication to take while breastfeeding. The provider stated, “I never recommend a woman to continue breastfeeding while taking medication.” This could possibly have ended her great breastfeeding relationship with her son if she hadn’t known better!

She began thinking about how badly we need urgent care services that are not only reliable, but also women centered. The seed was planted.

When Sara became a midwife and even before that, when she was in midwifery school, she began to get emails, Facebook messages, texts, and phone calls from friends and friends of friends about their health care concerns. Many of them did not have the time, insurance, or patience to work with their health care providers. Some women had asked their care providers for answers, but they left their appointments unsure or unsatisfied.

She began to think (and research). There are services that will provide online answers to questions from a doctor’s perspective, and there are online appointments with doctors; yet she could not find any care providers offering online services from a midwifery philosophy. So she decided to create one!

Now women can get answers from trusted, professional healthcare providers at an affordable rate and at times convenient to them!


What is our mission?

We are here to meet your needs!

We are here to advocate, educate, and empower women to take charge of their own healthcare by bringing healthcare closer to home.

As an online midwifery practice, we strive to offer the same services as the online doctor services, except we want to ensure that our clients receive care based on the midwifery model of care, treating the entire person, not just a symptom. The midwives here at sarathemidwife.com will always assess for home safety and assist with needs that many online doctor services do not address. We offer services in many states and are growing to serve women and their families in every state that online midwifery and doctor or online physician services are available.